1933, Buddy "L" Robotoy (Robot) Truck in Original Box

1933, Buddy

Incredible Buddy "L" Robotoy! The only electric dump truck produced by Buddy L. All pressed steel. All original paint and parts. Includes the original Robotoy transformer! Even more incredible....it comes complete with its original box and insert! Awesome excellent+ to near mint condition. I tested the motor and it works great!

I've been after a high grade boxed example of this toy ever since the Buddy L "morgue" sale nearly 10 years ago. Oh, I have found it, but they've never been good enough and never with the original box. This one isn't perfect, but it's sure close. 

Measures nearly 2 feet long and weighs about 13 pounds (including the transformer) without the box! It has several actions including forward, reverse, straight, curves, raise or lower dump section and all controlled using the transformer. A non-electrified headlight version was produced one year earlier in 1932. 

The "New Book of Buddy L Toys, Volume I" describes it as "black single-bar bumper, fenders, short running boards, and chassis; red radiator, hood, enclosed cab with small visor; green dump body's front and back are higher than sides; electric battery powered headlights with control switch (located under passenger side door); brass radiator cap; red steel wheels have six embossed simulated spokes, nickel hubs, black rubber Firestone tires; cab contains electric motor controlled by wires from separate transformer and controller. Cab side windows are not open but have black and yellow decal lettered BUDDY "L" ROBOTOY and drawing of a robot seated with hands on steering wheel. Other decals: BUDDY "L" on radiator front."

The transformer has its original curved metal plate printed with "BUDDY "L" ROBOTOY. A 63" long twisted pair of cloth covered wires protrudes from a lower corner ending with the socket plug (I replaced the brown cardboard plug protector on the end. The original had rotted away). Protruding near the top of the transformer is a 15 foot long single cloth covered wire which ends with a resin/metal socket (the part that sticks into the cab roof).

The box is a simple all-text style with "fragile, handle with care" on all sides. A partial original shipping label can still be seen on one set of endflaps. The insert is angled at the edges to prevent the truck from moving. It fits perfectly into the box. 

Size: 21-5/8" long, 6½" wide, 7-3/8" wide. 

Sold: Jul. 2010

Price Sold: $ 3700


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