1962 Shioji, Sears Turnpike Auto Transport in Original Box

1962 Shioji, Sears Turnpike Auto Transport in Original Box

I purchased this Sears Exclusive Turnpike Auto Transport from the original owner who had stored it since new. It was never played with, or removed from the original box until I took these photos. The cab has never been attached to the trailer!

It's complete with cab, trailer, removable ramp, nine (9) cars, all 10 inserts, plus its original box. Produced by Shioji, Japan it grades from near mint to mint condition. The box and inserts make up the only complete packaged example I've seen. In near mint- condition the packaging is also the best I've seen.

And since the set was originally available only through Sears, it's also a very scarce toy to find in any condition! I've seen maybe three or four which had all of the correct cars. I've seen the box only twice before and both were incomplete. I've never seen all of the inserts.

The entire toy, which includes the transport truck, ramp, and all nine cars are made of pressed steel; not tinplate. Each has its own friction drive motor and every on works beautifully.

In fact every piece, every part, is there! Nothing is missing. Tires, hub caps, headlights, whatever.. are all in place. For example the truck cab and trailer have 14 tandem (28 total) heavy treaded solid rubber tires plus the 2 parking tires (30 in all). All have chrome plated hubs and every one is in place. 

Several versions of the toy were produced every two years or so in limited quantity for nine years beginning in 1960. This one, from 1962 was the only one to have a separate set of fold-down parking wheels. It sold for $7.88. The futuristic design was exclusive to Sears and used on several of their trucks and space toys.

Hitching the cab and trailer it measures almost 2 feet long (and remember it's never been hitched). The cars are all approximately 5½" long. Again, all of the little chrome parts, tires, wheel covers, etc., are in place. It has only one piece of plastic; the trucks steering wheel. 

The fantastically illustrated box is over 2 feet long. The cover shows a colored sketch of the transport in action including all of the cars. An "exclusive" banner plus a list of features were also printed along side. The front and rear aprons show a simpler side view of transport and cars. Exclusivity statements were repeated on the side aprons. Although not shown, the underside of the box bottom still has its original mailing label. 

The inserts include 4 rectangular red and white tubes. Two measure 15½" and two measure 5½". "Turnpike Auto Transport with 9 friction cars" was printed each. There are also 4 rectangular double walled cardboard open end boxes. These fit on either end of the red car tubes. There are also 2 cardboard separators making a total of 10 inserts!

Size: Individually the truck transport measures; cab 10½", trailer 20". Cars approx. 5½". Box 26½" x 6½" x 5". Listed separately the set includes the following:

  • Transport Cab
  • Transport Trailer
  • Removable ramp
  • Studebaker Lark - (metallic blue)
  • Ford Thunderbird Coupe - (creme)
  • Opel Coupe - (red)
  • Ferrari Sport Coupe - (sky blue)
  • Citroen Sedan - (creme)
  • Rolls Royce Sedan - (black)
  • Volvo Station Wagon (red)
  • MG Sports Car (creme body with black roof) 
  • Mercedes Benz Convertible (metallic blue, yellow and red interior)

Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 760


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