1962 Tonka, No.2125 "Farm Set" in Original Box

1962 Tonka, No.2125

Once again from a collection of toys I purchased that were never opened, or played with. One of the best finds is this No. 2125 multi-vehicle, multi-animal, "Farm Set". It was owned by an elderly couple who bought it for their grandkids to play with so they wouldn't be bored when visiting. And like so many other toys it was stored, unopened, unused, and forgotten in the attic.

It was opened for the first time about three months ago. Every piece is in factory mint condition with original paint and parts. All are glossy, lustrous, and look great! Flaws are indicated separately for each vehicle below.

The vehicles are pressed steel. The critters...plastic. The set consists of a blue stake truck, a yellow and white pick-up truck, a white horse trailer, a yellow stake trailer, two black horses, and one steer. The condition of each piece is exactly the way it was when it was carefully removed from the box. 

The set comes with its original box plus inserts. It also has its original "Look Book" pamphlet and wax paper covering (blue truck only). 

Blue Stake Truck

14" long generic truck with six removable white fence stakes. All blue truck with chrome plated steel bumper/grille assembly, chrome plated wheel covers, rubber tires, white vinyl sidewalls, transparent plastic windshield, and plastic headlights. Has its original wax paper roof protector. All four decals are original and 100% intact. That includes the two doors and trailer sides with steer head. 

Yellow Pick-Up Truck

13" long, generic truck with fold down tailgate which has never been folded down. Brilliant yellow body and bed, with bright white cab roof. Tires, bumper, windshield, etc., are identical to the blue truck. Door decals are 100% intact. Windshield and tires are perfect. 

White Horse Trailer

9" long, solid white with a large Tonka Farms horse decals on each side. Include drop down tail-gate with chrome plated chains, stall divider, two black plastic horses, and hitch. Both decals are 100% intact. 

Yellow Stake Trailer

9" long with fixed stake sides. Includes original steer insert with original white steer! 

Box, Look Book, and inserts

Approx. 14" x 11" 10".

Sold: Jul. 2010

Price Sold: $ 2250


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