c.1954 Japan, Batmobile Jaguar XK140 Tin Sports Coupe

c.1954 Japan, Batmobile Jaguar XK140 Tin Sports Coupe

Magnificent made in Japan tin litho friction drive Batmobile Jaguar XK140 Sports Coupe. Made in Japan, but without any manufacturer's mark. It's the first example I've ever seen of this car, either in print or in person. I've spoken to several collectors who also never knew of its existence.

Best of all.....It's in incredible near mint condition!

It features a classic 1950's era Batman lithoed on the entire front hood, and a 1950's Robin with Bat Signal Emblem on the rear trunk. Both are in full color. Large white Japanese block text (presumably the world "Batman") centered in an exploding red bursts were lithoed on the doors and front quarter panels. 

The car itself is a vintage Jaguar XK140 with embossed headlights, front grille, and raised front and rear fenders. The body is basically brilliant white underneath the Batman graphics. It has a tin litho cherry red roof and solid black single plate, embossed chassis. The interior is lithoed with a single bench seat, dashboard, and steering wheel. There is no plastic anywhere on the toy.

It has its original blue tinted celluloid windshield, all four solid black rubber tires, with polished tin metal hubs. The friction motor powers the rear wheels. There are no identifying manufacturer marks on the body, interior, or chassis. 

This car is fresh to the "market". I purchased it from a large single collection of Batman toys where it resided for many years.

Size: 5¾". 

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 559


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