c.1960 Yonezawa Mechanical Ferry Boat In Original Box

c.1960 Yonezawa Mechanical Ferry Boat In Original Box

This is the Mechanical Ferry Boat manufactured by Yonezawa. It's all tin litho and measure over 2ft. long. It comes complete with its original box and all original parts. Only the second time I've seen this toy.

The Ferry Boat is similar to some of the German built "traveling" toys by Arnold, but it's much longer. 27" from end to end. Fortunately it's hinged in the center and folds in half. The toy centers around it wide blue, ocean base. On either end are two islands with a lighthouse on each. The lighthouses differ in size and color. Both are removable. A grooved track encircles the lighthouse. A brown dock located at the entrance of the islands are both the start and end point for the ferry.

The double open-ended Ferry cruises back and forth between the islands using the raised grooves between them as a guide. The Ferry is non-powered. It has three pairs of wheels; four plastic and two rubber. Providing the power is a multicolored bus with clockwork motor. The separate key is included.

Set the Ferry into one of the docks, wind up the bus and let it circle a lighthouse. When it reaches the dock the bus wheels engage the center wheels on the Ferry and it starts to move. It'll cross from one island to the other until it reach a dock. The bus then circles island, and reenters the Ferry to repeat the cycle.*

The right half of the illustrated box shows a cartoon like drawing of the docked Ferry with the bus exiting. The toy name fills up the left side of the cover. The front and rear aprons repeat the toy name and include a small schematic instruction. The original product stock label is still attached to the underside of the box.

*The bus motor works great. It's strong and runs a long time. It consistently engages the Ferry's internal rollers although it sometimes falls off the island track. However because of irregularities between the two base halves plus the smooth unused surface prevents the ferry from making a complete cyle.

It needs some non-reactive material to provide more friction such as wax. It's close to completing a cycle, but because the toy is such terrific condition I didn't want to risk damaging the surface. The mechanical motor and Ferry both work great and that was good enough for me. As its new owner you can decide whether or not you want to "roughen up" the ocean.

Size: Ocean 27" x 5" x 3½". Bus 2½".

Sold: May 2008

Price Sold: $ 304


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