1929, Wolverine Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer in Original Box

1929, Wolverine Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer in Original Box

Extraordinary example of Wolverine's scarce clockwork pressed steel toy; Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer. Toy appears to be barely used in high grade excellent+ to near mint condition.  Originally available for only one year, it today has become one of Wolverine's most difficult toys to find. It's complete and works beautifully. In addition it comes with its super rare original box. It's only the second time in 15 years that I've sold this toy and box. 

Although the company produced several versions of their over-under toys this was the only one which featured a biplane instead of the usual automobile racer. Looking at it more closely, a die cut metal pilot sits at the cockpit. It has a freely spinning propeller and is all pressed steel. 

Five pieces in total make up the toy. It includes three track extensions, the biplane, and the colorful airplane hanger (6" x 6" x 3¼" which is the centerpiece of the toy. The sides were lithoed with a "modern" high wing monoplane parked on a field. Two men are shown approaching the plane. A beautiful art deco logo featuring two feathered bird wings, slightly tilted, and a spinning propeller in the center with the toy name and catalog number. The roof resembles an expanding yellow and red diamond design. The key is attached.

It operates only when the plane rolls down an inclined track (the green track attached inside the hanger) to strike a brake switch and release the motor. The rest of the time the motor sits idle. Inside the hanger the motor causes a support arm to act as an elevator. Two pegs on the support arm turn rotate below the plane catching it underneath the wings to lift it from the lower to upper track. Once lifted into place the plane is released onto an upper teeter-toter track and rolls down onto the lower track. Gravity causes it to descend back into the hanger where the plane once again strikes the brake switch to repeat the cycle. 

The toy assembles easily and "tight" without any play or loosening. The track supports both make ground contact. Best of all it works great!

The box was colorfully illustrated with repeating images of red and yellow aircraft on a green background with red striping. Directions for assembling the toy, catalog number, and manufacturer name were printed directly onto the cover. The toy name was printed on all four box aprons. The bottom is blank. 

I found a listing for this toy in Butler Brothers 1929 wholesale catalog. A retailer could purchase it for $8.00 for a case of 12 boxed toys.

Size: 25" assembled

Sold: Jul. 2010

Price Sold: $ 1278


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