1961 Technofix, No.301 Country Tour in Original Box

1961 Technofix, No.301 Country Tour in Original Box

Here's an immense tinplate "platform toy" which measures nearly 4ft. in total length! Called "Country Tour" and manufactured in Western Germany by Technofix it comes in its huge original box along with all three original clockwork vehicles and both keys. Toy works great and is in near mint condition....looks like it was barely used.

As one of the largest platform toys it was cleverly designed with a permanent hinge which allows it to be folded in half at the center. The right half represents work, business and the city. The left side is the "country side" characterized by relaxation, swimming, and the mountains. One business, the other pleasure....connected by a narrow suspension bridge in the center.

To get to either the city or country you must travel, either by car or public transportation. These are represented by two separate, yet interactive embossed roadways. There's a yellow track for single family cars; two clockwork automobiles blue, and red. Public transportation uses a single "diesel" trolley. This is the third clockwork vehicle. The trolley passes through two, three dimensional objects; Central Station (right side) and a mountain tunnel (left side). The entire underside is polished tinplate.

The three vehicles are placed on their specific tracks facing a specific direction. Automatic stops set underneath the track are raised or lowered as the cars and trolley pass over them. In other words a car could cause the bus to stop, or to move forward, and visa-versa. This staggers the vehicles position which makes it seem more realistic and avoids collisions. 

A couple neat things in the litho to point out. Right half; in the upper right is an Edsel stopped in traffic, upper center is a Shell service station, and just to the left of the Central Station a young woman does a "double-take" of a young gentleman who has just walked by. Left half; shows early 1960's bathing suit styles. 

The two keys are the correct nickel plated cast iron Technofix keys. All three vehicles work beautifully and for a long time. 

The full color illustrated box primarily shows the country-side of life. After all, the name of the tour is Country Tour. A bus and diesel trolley leave the city from Central Station. The center bridge is shown with a car passing over it. Beyond it are the mountains, lakes, forests and beaches. The front and rear aprons show close-up's of country and city scenes; again divided into right and left sides. Directions are also printed on the rear apron. 

Size: Platform 47" x 9". Cars 3½". Diesel Trolley 4".

Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 280


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