c.1917 Dayton Friction Co., Flywheel "Boy on Sled"

c.1917 Dayton Friction Co., Flywheel

Superb hand painted pressed steel "Boy on Sled" manufactured by the Dayton Friction Toy Co., Dayton, OH. Characteristic of this manufacturer is their friction powered, rear mounted flywheel (rotation of the wheel is proportionate to their speed).

Features a large all pressed steel boy dressed in early 20th century style mounted lengthwise on an old fashioned twin rail sled. A few hand pushes starts the rear wheels moving while the flywheel mechanism enables it to continue fast and far.

Dayton Friction primarily manufactured friction powered cars and trucks; plus none of them were marked making a toy like this particularly difficult to identify. It could also be misidentified as a German toy, however the rear wheel structure would be different. 

Size: 9". 

Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 562


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