1961 Remco "Fascination" Game in Original Box

1961 Remco

I suspect the popularity of this game 50 years ago is what makes it so difficult to find in complete and working condition today. It has both its original two-sided red and blue plastic mazes still wired to the central battery operated "pylon" (for lack of a better name).

And yes, it has the original plastic clip which holds the batteries in place (and is almost always lost). It includes all six original steel balls plus its 20 page Remco-Land comic book style booklet. The booklet advertised many of Remco's most popular toys by category (i.e., science, war, cars, games, etc.). 

And of course it includes its original box with full insert. It's a window style display box and is almost always folded and torn. This example is one the few I've seen which is still complete and intact. The pop-out display was never folded up. 

Size: Box 21". 

Sold: Aug. 2011

Price Sold: $ 133


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