c1959 Mattel Fanner-50 Smoking Cap Pistol in Original Box

c1959 Mattel Fanner-50 Smoking Cap Pistol in Original Box

Outstanding unused example of Mattel's classic "Fanner-50 Smoking Cap Pistol". Conservatively graded brilliant near mint. Comes complete with original box which also grades near mint. Includes unused ammo with all the paperwork still factory stapled to the inside of the box bottom.

Originally produced from 1959 - 1965 in two versions; that is, with or without a revolving bullet cylinder. This is the revolving cylinder version which is slightly more difficult to find. It's made of chrome plated die cast metal with engraving and scrollwork. The surface of the cylinder has a faint gold-ish tone as well. The grips are plastic with stag design. 

Cap firing is accomplished by 1) pulling back on the trigger which in turn pulls back and releases the hammer. Simultaneously the cylinder will rotate to the next bullet chamber. And 2) manually "fan" the hammer repetitively. 

Roll caps are loaded by flicking down the cap chamber door located on the left side of the frame and winding them onto the spool. The realistic looking two-piece brass and lead bullets are loaded into the cylinder. The hammer strikes a rotating "anvil" while the caps repetitively unreel between their two surfaces. Smoke is emitted through side vents in the frame. The bullets are for "play" purposes only. They can only be removed by manually shaking them out. 

The high gloss box cover features a life size color photograph of the Fanner pointing left. The full size photo of the pistol runs nearly the complete width of the box. The lower left corner includes a black and white photo of your basic '50's western lad fanning his "Fanner". Lot's of text and logo cover the remaining sections of the box. The aprons were printed with a wood grain design. 

Still factory stapled to the inside wall of the box bottom is the original pack of eight unopened two-piece metal bullets. Their securely sealed inside the pack which has its cover window fully intact. Also included is the original double sided instructions, advertising, and order blank which has never been filled in. Additional bullets, four different holsters, and a bandolier could be purchased. It also includes its original full color 20 page min-comic book. The comic goes into more depth about fanning and the advantages of "holsterin' your Fanner", plus lots of other stuff.

Size: 11". 

Sold: Jun. 2011

Price Sold: $ 530


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