1952 Chein, No. 400 Mechanical Rocket Ride in Original Box

1952 Chein, No. 400 Mechanical Rocket Ride in Original Box

Magnificent clockwork tin litho classic "Rocket Ride" manufactured by Chein. Complete with original box. This fantastic example is in near mint- condition. It works beautifully and comes complete with all four original Chein celluloid propellers. 

The tallest of all Chein tin litho mechanical toys it stands a little over 1½ ft. tall. Lithographed in classic Chein colors of brilliant red, navy blue, turquoise, yellow and black. It stands on an 11" wide by 1¼" embossed base with raised mosaic central pedestal. The tower is a tapered hexagonal design with most of it being yellow and red girders. Around the tower base, several kiddies attracted by the barker purchase their tickets and wait in line. A scrolled embossed saucer shaped canopy sits on top of the tower where a circularly swirled cone raises up from the center. 

Four identically detailed 7" tin litho rockets, two red and two blue, hang down over a foot from the canopy above. A doubled metal rod suspends each rocket. Just above each rocket, a smiling red and blue clown is fixed between the rods to prevent them from twisting. Each rocket is tipped with a 3" long celluloid propeller. These are the correct original Chein propellers with stripes and stars design. 

The toy winds using the long stem horizontal chrome plated key protruding from the base. Several winds will last many rotations while an internal bell rings simultaneously. Best of all it works great....even the bell!

The huge printed box features a detailed yellow and blue illustration of the toy on two panels. The other two panels are blank. The top flaps marked "open this end" are all in place. The bottom flaps marked "open other end" are still factory sealed. 

Size: 18½" tall, 11" diameter base, 10" diameter canopy. Box approx. 11½ square x 19" tall. 

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 811


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