c.1940 J.E. Stevens, "Buffalo Bill" Cast Iron Repeating Cap Pistol

c.1940 J.E. Stevens,

Superb unused nickel plated casted iron "Buffalo Bill" Repeating Toy Cap Pistol". Immaculate mint condition complete with original box.

Gorgeous silvery finish cast iron embossed frame with white plastic, high-relief, grips. Contains both original red plastic jewels in the grips. Cap rolls inserted by lifting left bullet chamber. This model has simultaneous release of hammer when trigger is squeezed (i.e., trigger is not supposed to remain cocked). Buffalo Bill name embossed in raised letters on both sides of the frame. All original screws and hardware without any repairs or cleaning. 

Two other versions, one painted and one with different casting, were also produced.

White plastic grips feature large horse head on left and cowpoke with crossed pistols on right. Red jewels on both sides are complete without any scratches or rubs. 

All-text printed box includes "Buffalo Bill" large red capitalized letters. In addition to the notation of a "repeating toy cap pistol" it also indicates that the grip is made of "colored Tenite" which is a cellulosic plastic in use since 1929. Also includes manufacturer name and address. End flaps printed with "Buffalo Bill".

Size: 7½".

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 194


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