1940 J.E. Stevens "Big Scout" Cap Gun in Original Box

1940 J.E. Stevens

Extensively engraved nickel plated cast iron "Big Scout" single shot toy cap pistol in superb near mint condition. Complete with original illustrated box. 

Brilliant silver finish with ultra high relief engraving of leaves, flowers, and "Big Scout". Originally white, now yellowed, Tenite# plastic grips embossed with crossed pistols and cowboy. Screw and hex nut holding grips together are also original. 

Heavy cast iron pistol weighs nearly 10 oz. Single shot; squeeze trigger, hammer draws back and is immediately released (i.e., not the type that'll stay cocked).

Box is illustrated in red (print and drawing). Both main panels show profile of the pistol with horsehead grips. Text includes pistol name, company information, and features. Note that it mentions "gold finish", however the actual finish is the silver shown which is correct. The only other variation was made with a darkened finish. 

Size: 7". 

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 114


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