c.1920 Greppert & Kelch, Touring Cyclon Motorcycle in Original Box

c.1920 Greppert & Kelch, Touring Cyclon Motorcycle in Original Box

Early clockwork lithographed tinplate No.508 "Touring Cyclon Motorcycle with Sidecar" manufactured by Greppert & Kelch (Gundka), Brandenburg, Germany. Features uniformed driver and woman passenger with moving parasol. Incredibly rare toy in excellent working condition. In addition, it comes with its original complete box in excellent+ to near mint condition. I could find no record, auction sale, photo, or reference for any previously known box which exists for this toy. 

The motorcycle is based on the Cyclone Racing Motorcycle produced only from 1912 through 1917 by the Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. In terms of the toy, the Cyclon name can be identified by looking at both sides of the motorcycle. In front of the drivers left knee are the letters "CYC". In front of his right knee are "LON". The letters "D.R.G.M." or Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchs muster, referring to a utility patent were also separated onto both motorcycle halves.

Beautifully and intricately detailed toy was produced in several variations. Although all are very difficult to find, this version with woman passenger and parasol is purportedly the most scarce. A second variation did not include the passenger, while a third had a small dog connected to the front wheel (and no passenger). Several alternate lithography combinations of the sidecar are also known to exist. 

It's simple yet elegant actions uses the clockwork motor underneath the sidecar to smoothly move the vehicle forward. Simultaneously the woman raises and lowers her right arm holding her parasol. The key is attached.

The sidecar's rear upper panel is marked with the G&K trademark logo, while the catalog number 507/8 is lithoed onto the lower panel. The "/" designation probably represents the different versions produced as either 507 or 508. As you can see in the photos below, the box lid was stamped "508".  "Made in Germany" was also lithoed along the lower rear edge below the catalog numbers. 

The simple two piece box was made from thin-walled pressed paper. The top of the cover is stamped "Made in Germany" in red. Stamped in black and facing the opposite direction is the 508 catalog number. One of the box bottom side panels also has some faint pencil notations on it; presumably the original owners name. Just below this (and even more faint) is written "motorcycle + side car". 

Size: 6" (150mm) x 3" (75mm) x 5-3/8" (135mm). 

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 2249


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