1949 Marx, Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car in Original Box

1949 Marx, Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car in Original Box

One of the more difficult to find variations of Marx's "Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car" is this non-electric dark green, friction powered model with sparkling machine gun. It's all tin litho. Conservatively graded as excellent+ to near mint it comes complete with its original (and correct) box.

The Marx company produced at least half a dozen variations of the Dick Tracy Squad Car.  The dark green body color, although being the most commonly produced tends to blend in the characteristics which, in fact, makes it much scarcer than most. 

For this model it's most prominent difference is the addition of a sparkling, or sparking, machine gun protruding from the front passenger windshield. The gun on this car does indeed spark!

Secondly, it's also non-electric. The more common version uses a battery operated emergency roof light. This car has the identical yellow plastic roof light housing, but the actual bulb is a red painted wooden plug. 

And lastly is it's least noticeable difference; a completely different front grille assembly. In this case it's silver painted tin litho. The more common actually lies underneath this grille. If you look closely around the tops of the headlights you'll see lithography for the original grille which was intentionally covered up. In this way Marx produced a different variation by only "slapping on" a new grille! 

While in use the friction motor produces the high pitched siren "squeal" advertised on the box... which still works. The body is entirely tin litho including the chassis. As on other models it features the extensive lithography showing  passengers in each window, door emblems, front hood spotlights, and numerous text. The front tires are solid black rubber. The rear pair are black painted wood.

It also has its original "directions" roof sticker. 

The box is also an uncommon green and white version. Typically it's red and white. It uses the similar image, although smaller, of the Squad Car with occupants and the emergency roof light beaming. But notice that there isn't anything on the box to actually indicate that the roof light is electrified; because it is not. It also doesn't show the machine gun, however this is the correct box for this car.

Size: 11¼".

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 326


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