Three Antique German Toy Catalogs (Reproductions)

Three Antique German Toy Catalogs (Reproductions)

Anyone who collects antique toys knows that you can never have too many reference books. Here are three scarce catalogs; all 3 are printed in German, all 3 are reproductions, and all 3 have never been used! They're duplicates already in my collection.

Herman Kurtz (1912)

The first, although a reproduction, is actually a bound hard cover book. It was originally printed in 1912 for a business which dealt only with toys called Hermann Kurtz located in Stuttgart since 1833. "Spielwaren und Puppen" (Toys and Dolls) it includes 96 faux-antique tinted 96 pages. The back cover includes a page index. Apparently Hermann Kurtz sold just about every German made toy. Trains, Magic Lanterns, Wind-up's, Dolls, Riding Toys, Soldiers, Buildings, and lots more. Much of it I've never seen. Includes all the classic German manufacturers; Marklin, Carette, Gunthermann, Distler, etc. As a reproduction it was published in 1983. I thought it was interesting that despite the early date Herman Kurtz had a telephone number. 9" x 11".

Filz Spielwaaren Fabrik (1892)

This is a wholesale catalog which featuring felt ride-on animal toys. "Filz Spielwaaren Fabrik" (Factory Felt Toys) was printed with a beautiful front and rear full color "chromolithographed" illustration. It has 32 pages of many animals, with or without wheels plus their original prices. It's organized by animal type. Sections include all monkey toys, or goat toys, or dog toys, etc. The front cover was printed with a country map showing the location of the company. It also includes an illustration of their sales building and a representative image of the buyer meeting the manufacturer. The back cover includes an array of the felt animals produced by the company. It also includes an index. This is an especially important reference since most of these toys have probably disintegrated by now. Soft cover. Reprinted in 1988. 5#" x 8".

Stollwerck's Preis Liste (1901)

Stollwerck was, and still is, one of Germany's most famous producer of chocolates and confections. 110 years ago Stollwerck's Price list included cigarettes, baked goods, an even jams and jellies. But it was the packaging that was the most interesting thing (to toy collectors). Packaging containers when empty could be used as banks, wind-up's, mugs, clocks, tools, etc. It's a 96 page wholesale catalog with lithographed illustrations of most of the Stollwerck products. Although only the cover is in color, finely detailed drawings provide images which are nearly photo quality. Original prices and an index are included. Soft cover. It was reprinted by the ATCA in 2003.

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