c.1958 Alps, Teddy Balloon Blowing Bear in Original Box

c.1958 Alps, Teddy Balloon Blowing Bear in Original Box

TEDDY!! Blows balloons, lights up his eyes, makes noise, moves his arms and legs, practices neurosurgery!! All in one simple battery operated toy.

Nah, actually this Teddy is in fantastic condition. I bought it from the original owner. I was told that it was played with once, that it scared the begeezees out the kid, and he immediately put it away. In fact the original balloon, albeit slightly melted, is still on the inside bottom of the box. The toys is in near mint condition with original box and original insert. The balloon is a replacement. 

To begin....Teddy don't blow up no balloons! His little innards rubber bladder has aged beyond it's lifetime and has disintegrated. Everything else works great and the overall condition is amazing.

Teddy's wearing all original clothes right down to the checkerboard bow tie. Light bulb eyes and plastic muzzle are original. He sits upon a hassock that has it original swivel base. Battery compartment is spotless. 

Once you switch him on his eyes light up immediately. He begins to emit a high pitched squeal, moves his legs up and down, and rock his head forward as if he's blowing the balloon. His left arm moves outward to accommodate the larger volume of the balloon as it's blown up. He then removes his right paw away from his mouth which allows the balloon to deflate and the cycle begins again. It all works great except he don't blow. Actually I don't think I've seen one with an original bladder which still works. 

Toy is marked Made in Japan and Alps on the tin litho hassock base (in the rear).

Box has a full panel illustration of Teddy "blowin' his balloon". He originally had a red balloon and it's been replaced with one of similar size and shape. Other Teddy graphics are printed around the box aprons (looks more like a Koala). One of the most unusual aspects of this toy (beside the awesome condition) is the presence of the insert. I don't think I've seen one of them before. 

Size: 11½".

Sold: Mar. 2012

Price Sold: $ 44


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