1926 Marx Honeymoon Express with Flagman in Original Box

1926 Marx Honeymoon Express with Flagman in Original Box

Classic mechanical tin litho Honey-Moon Express by Marx. Scarce version with signaling flagman. Box is in incredible condition and actually grades higher than the toy. 

The Honeymoon Express was one of the most successful toys produced by Marx. It was manufactured for a little over 35 years in at least 40 different variations. However, this one with the steam locomotive with 3 passenger cars was the very first. During that first year a more common version without the Flagman was also issued. Supposedly the Flagman came afterwards, but the real reason why it's so much more difficult to find is unknown. 

As with all "circular toys", once wound, the train runs round and round the perimeter of the toy through 3 tunnels. The Flagman raises and lowers his flag as the train passes. Motor is housed in the center building with attached key. 

Beautifully lithographed base shows speeding locomotive, pooch running to greet the train, children at the ole' swimming hole, and an open touring car. Paths, greenery, fields, and bushes were all included. The toy name was lithoed around the edge of the base on opposite sides. A log cabin in a forest is also shown as part of the scenery. Tunnels were lithoed with stone.

The main image on the front of the box reflects a time which has long since passed. It shows the train leaving the station with several late arrivals trying to "make it" on board. Old time illustration shows kids, caged animals, running pups, a coach, trees, overhead signal, and the remote hills in the background. Side panels have a single image (repeated 4 times) of the swimming hole with people waving as the train passes. The back of the box is blank.

Size: 9" diameter. 

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 344


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