1920 Dayton, Double Friction Motor "Moving Van"

1920 Dayton, Double Friction Motor

This awesome painted steel, sheet metal "Moving Van" was recently found in upstate New York in the attic of the original owner's family. It's never been in any collection. It was manufactured by the Dayton Friction Toy Co., and incorporated their patented "Double Friction" inertia driven flywheel motor. It's in amazing excellent+ condition.

I couldn't find any previous sale or reference to this truck. However, Dayton offered an identical U.S. Mail truck in 1920 through the Butler Bros. Catalog (see last photo) along with several other Dayton friction toys. The only difference between the Moving Van and the Mail truck is the color and script written name on the van sides. In fact, until I found the catalog page it was almost impossible to differentiate it from similar trucks produced by Schieble. It was also very similar to Republic Tool Prods., "Speedwagon". I did find previous sales of Dayton's Mail Truck from large toy auction houses which identified it as Schieble. 

The truck is cut from sheet metal. It's not pressed steel. The components were embossed, assembled by hand and then air brushed deep green. It was then hand painted with gold gilt details. It's a C-style enclosed van, without windshield posts, and has a large open rear cargo body. It also has its original driver with integrated steering wheel. 

The "Double Friction" mechanism uses a third pair of spoke wheels to rotate a cast iron flywheel under the center chassis. The axle from the flywheel is in contact with the rear wheels to provide power. In concept it's a good idea. In reality it's nearly impossible to work. This example does work, however the center wheels are tilted slightly off center so they occasionally stop the axle from rotating. However, even if they were straightened out it would be very difficult to get it to work. But considering the vintage and it's incredible condition "working" is secondary.

Size: 11½".

Sold: Nov. 2011

Price Sold: $ 461


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