c.1956 Nomura, See-Saw Go-Round Truck in Original Box

c.1956 Nomura, See-Saw Go-Round Truck in Original Box

This is the whimsical tin litho "See-Saw Go-Round Truck" manufactured by Nomura. Comes complete with all three "rockers", plus original box with insert!

Scarce toy is all tin litho with friction driven motor. As the vehicle moves forward or reverse it simultaneously rotates a trio of three dimensional tin litho riders. They rotate in a circle like a merry-go-round, and at the same time move up and down like a "see-saw". The men themselves aren't actually articulated. It cleverly uses a smooth 5-pointed star as a guide track. When one of the see-saws moves over an arm of the star it pushes it up. Between the arms the see-saw is lowered. 

In fact the friction mechanism doesn't power the three "sawer's". It only powers the truck. The rotation along with the up and down movement is all gear driven underneath the trailer bed. And on top of this an internal bell rings every time the see-saw completes one rotation.

This was one of a series of whimsical amusement park ride toys that Nomura produced during the mid to late 1950's. 

The truck itself was lithoed with a red cab, yellow roof with two smiling kiddie faces, and a flat rear blue trailer bed with see-saw base. The underside is yellow and light blue. It runs on black solid rubber tires with polished tin centers. The manufacturer's trademark was lithoed in the lower left corner of the trailer bed. The see-saw mechanism is removable.

The box was printed with a simple color illustration of happy kiddies riding the see-saw go-round while their buddies look on. The Cragstan name, which was printed on every box cover panel was the U.S. importer and distributor. The Nomura logo was printed faintly in the lower right cover corner. It comes complete with a large box bottom and its original circular insert.

Size: 9" long w/see-sawer's attached. Approx. 4" tall.

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 563


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