1942 Marx, Montgomery Ward Switch Train Set in Original Box

1942 Marx, Montgomery Ward Switch Train Set in Original Box

This is the single largest all-metal Marx electric train set I've seen. It was exclusively available only through Montgomery Ward and was one of the last pre-war boxed sets. Excluding track and car accessories (i.e., lumber, barrels, trench bags) the total number of pieces are 21. It's barely been used with most of the cars grading near mint. It comes complete with original box, inserts and paperwork. 

The set includes the following pieces with original catalog numbers. Cars all have 8-metal wheels and are 6" long.  The cars and transformer were manufactured before 1942. Only the locomotive was made in 1942. Trucks (frames) are  black metal. All cars except the Tender were fitted with automatic couplers. The condition grade is noted for each piece. There is no rust, dents, or dings on any of them.

  • Steam locomotive 391 2-4-2 (electrically powered) 8½" - Sheet metal not tin litho, early 8-wheel (trucks), and punched celluloid number plate. Tinned details include front boiler, cowcatcher, smokestack, bell, domes. 
  • Canadian Pacific Tender 461 - wedge shape. 
  • Colorado & Southern RR Refrigerated Boxcar 555 with sliding doors. 
  • New York Central Caboose 556 - 
  • Dump Truck Flatcar 562 with detachable steel dump truck. Flatcar & dump truck (small scratch on cab roof) 
  • Barrel Car 574 complete with 7 wooden barrels. 
  • Lumber Car 563 complete with lumber and clamp. 
  • Cable Car 566 - with wooden spool and cotton cable. 
  • Rock Island CRI & P Gondola 552 (green) with 2 filled trench bags. 
  • Northern Pacific General Coal Co. High Side Gondola 554 (red).
  • Northern Pacific General Coal Co. Hopper 554 (blue). 
  • Pullman Observation Car 558. 
  • NYC Side Dump Car 567 with copper finished base. 
  • Santa Fe Middle States Oil Tank Car 553. Dulled polished end caps and dome. 
  • New York Central Derrick 412 with magnet replacing tow hook. 2 platform scrapes. 
  • Red Bumper 505 (1) 
  • Red Bumper 505 (2) 
  • Transformer 729 45 watts - appears unused, decals complete (UL decal separated). 
  • Pure Oil Billboard cardboard - Unused with 1 crease on right support- 
  • Orange Crush Billboard cardboard - Unused w 1 very small crease on left support. 
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup Billboard cardboard - Unused. 

Huge box with blue text. Stamped M15000MR. With 4 inserts and 1 parts bag. Size: 18½" x 14" x 7". 

Original 4pg. (double sided) green instruction sheet (Form IS-38). 

Track originally included 12 curves and 4 straights (plus wiring connectors). I've separately added the majority of track sections. All are wire bundled. Total Curves 31 . Total Straights 42. Approximately 72 feet length. 

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1125


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