1931 Marx, Mechanical Officer 6-6-6 (1) in Original Box

1931 Marx, Mechanical Officer 6-6-6 (1) in Original Box

The Louis Marx company produced only 5 different large walkers from 1928 to 1931. The rare mechanical walking toy "Officer 6-6-6" was the last of its type and saw only limited production near the tail end of 1931. The condition is unbelievable; near mint- (minus). It's by far the best and highest condition example (of the very few) I've seen over the years. 

It comes with its original box which grades excellent++ to near mint. The box is the only one I've seen in any condition for this toy. Overall it may be the finest example of this toy with original box. 

Of the few times I've seen this toy it's almost always misidentified as "Walking Clancy". That was the name for a nearly identical toy produced by Strauss called "Clancy the Cop".  An easy way to tell the difference is that the Strauss toy does not carry a night stick. Even the Greenberg Guide to Marx Toys, Vol 1. references it incorrectly as Clancy. It further indicates that it was advertised in the 1931 Sears catalog as "Walking Clancy". I have that catalog (see below) and you can see that it was correctly named. You can also read the actions of the toy.

But, best of all it works great. Exactly as it's supposed to without any hesitation or falling over.

The box features a large parody illustration of the Officer with his wide staring eyes, open mouth, and raised rubber truncheon (a.k.a. the night stick). He's shown holding a huge Officer 6-6-6 badge. The side panels have a silhouette drawing of the Officer chasing a kid holding a banana with the 6-6-6 badge between them. The end flaps include the toy name, catalog number (which interestingly is No.666), plus the Marx name and logo.

Size: 11". 

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1913


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