1930 Saalfield, 24pg All Kinds Of Airplanes To Color

1930 Saalfield, 24pg All Kinds Of Airplanes To Color

I don't know how many Silver Wings candy bars you had to eat to get this fantastic Saalfield coloring book. But I'd love to know why, after eating all this candy and then sending away for the book that it was never used.

Called All Kinds of Airplanes To Color this was a 1930 mail away premium sponsored by the Mason, Au & Magenheimer Confectionery Mfg. Company, producers of Silver Wings candy bars. Prior to finding this book I had never heard of the candy.

The knock-out illustration on the cover shows a detailed high wing monoplane. The background is brilliant orange, red, and yellow sky with setting sun and a silhouette of the city skyline below. The front and back covers are the same image printed on heavy stock paper in glossy full color.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the book is the very first illustration. It shows a Lockheed Sirius Monoplane with Colonel Charles Lindbergh behind the controls (see 4th photo down)! The caption includes Lindbergh's name. The drawing of Lindbergh is very accurate. It definitely looks like him.

Like many of the Saalfield books, some of the uncolored illustrations were accompanied by a fully colored "suggestive" duplicate. I've shown several of these below. Note that "All Kinds of Airplanes" really meant ALL KINDS. Everything from zeppelins to biplanes, autogyro and sausage balloon, plus several types of rare extinct aircraft.

Not including the front and back covers there are 24 pages total and not one of them was ever marked up or colored.

Factory glued to the inside cover is the original acknowledgment letter from the makers of Silver Wing candy bars. In addition to their polite thank you note is the suggestion that you continue saving candy bar wrappers to get "buttons".

The book comes with its original stamped postmarked mailer envelope addressed to Harold Boyer, Rural Valley, PA. Although brown and brittle it's nearly 100% complete.

I could find no reference to the Silver Wings candy bar, or its manufacturer. It's not listed in Hake's.

Size: 14½" x 10"

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 100


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