1936 Marx, "G-Man Tommy Gun" in Original Box

1936 Marx,

Superb example of Marx's, Sparkling "G-Man Tommy Gun" in excellent+ to near mint condition. Comes complete with original box which grades excellent. Both the gun and box are in the best condition I've seen for some time. 

The toy is all tin litho and it has a wooden stock. The small black part which joins the frame to the stock is pressed steel. The vertical bullet drum is attached separately. Rather than go into a lengthy description the photos show its beautifully designed details. A spark producing flint fits under the front sight. 

Its strong clockwork motor winds-up using the attached key. Pull the trigger and a continuous RAT-TAT-TAT is produced while simultaneously emitting sparks. Both the motor and sparks work great!

The predominately red box was illustrated with two rather happy lads firing the G-Man Gun. The "G" in G-Man was cleverly featured as the center of a large target. The narrow front and rear panels include a schematic of the gun with assembly directions and flint replacement instructions. One endflap is bright red with G-Man printed on it. This flap is hinged for easy opening. The opposite endflap was tabbed to remain closed. 

Size: 24".

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 387


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