c.1962 Nomura, Mobile Space T.V. Unit with Trailer in Original Box

c.1962 Nomura, Mobile Space T.V. Unit with Trailer in Original Box

One of the most coveted of all Japanese non-robotic space toys is Nomura's battery operated Mobile Space T.V. Unit with trailer. This embossed tin litho battery op toy epitomizes the combination of the early space-race craze with with the exploding infatuation with television.  This spectacular example is in pristine near mint condition. All actions work beautifully and it's complete with all original parts. Even more fantastic it comes complete with its original box which grades unbelievably in excellent+ to near mint condition.

The space tank holds the Super T.V. camera, the seated, bubble-head astronaut cameraman, and tank base with rubber treads. The trailer section houses the batteries and has rubber tires with polished tin hubs. The power switch is located just to the right of the astronauts feet. 

The toy incorporates random stop-and-go mystery action with an illuminated television screen. Specifically this includes the following.

During operation the space tank moves indiscriminately in every direction; right, left, forward, and reverse. 

At the same time color images of rockets, astronauts, and "high-tech" gadgetry on a lunar landscape are projected continuously through the camera's translucent view screens. 

Simultaneously the three television camera lenses rotates!

While all this is going on the gray plastic antenna on the trailer revolves. 

The beautifully illustrated box features a panel wide scene of the Mobile Space TV unit on the lunar surface surrounded by colorful mountains and craters. Nearly identical to the actual toy is shows the astronaut cameraman with an image of a rocket ship on the view screen. The sky is filled with dark space and a partially obscured Earth in the background. The left side of the front and rear aprons include a wonderful image of the Unit breaking through the box . The right side shows a simple schematic pointing out the position of the batteries and on/off switch.

The side panels include the toy name, manufacturer, and catalog number. The Rosko tested trademark was printed on every panel. Rosko, however was the U.S. import company for the toy. Nomura was the actual manufacturer. They're trademark is on the tank platform just to the left of the cameraman's left foot.  

Size: 10½".

Sold: Oct. 2007

Price Sold: $ 6200


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