1959 Hubley, Colt .45 Cap Gun in Original Salesman's Attaché Case

1959 Hubley, Colt .45 Cap Gun in Original Salesman's Attaché Case

"Incredibly Awesome" best describes this unbelievable example of Hubley's classic Colt .45 caliber cap gun. It's a beautiful pristine, unfired salesman's sample which comes housed in its original red satin lined, polished aluminum attaché case! It comes complete with all six original Hubley two piece bullets which have never been use,d plus an unused store stock example of Hubley's Bullet Clip and Compass. 

Most prominent are the two die cut trademark Colt logo's, one on the top of the case accompanied by a registered trademark symbol and the second on the inside cover. Each measures over 9" long and were machine cut from metallic gold vinyl tape. 

The case was made from pressed, reinforced aluminum. The flat panels (top, bottom and sides) are cross-hatched. The edges and corners were strengthened with heavy gauge, engraved aluminum banding. The interior edges were grooved so that top fits snugly into the bottom without any movement. All four corners of the top and bottom, eight in all, were fitted with thick, black plastic 90º covers. These were riveted to the case. The bottom four were also extended slightly to form little feet for the case to rest on.

In addition the exterior is also fitted with several chrome plated steel fixtures. This includes the two flip-over claps on the front of the case. They close the case securely without any wiggling between the top and bottom. The actual key mechanisms are plastic and do not lock. The two hinges in the back are also plated steel, as are the two strap anchors on the sides. There are no rub marks to indicate that it actually had a strap. The case handle is black plastic and swivels easily.

The satin lined case interior was pressed with the outline of the pistol. It fits precisely into the form. It's difficult to tell what the material is underneath, but the bottom section may be foam rubber, or styrofoam. The backing material used in the lid feels like compressed fabric or cotton. 

The Colt .45 cap gun is engraved, nickel plated, die cast metal with revolving gold cylinder and plastic ivory grips. The barrel unlocks and rotates to remove the cylinder, however it can be loaded from the right side of the frame by holding down the chamber cover. The six, two piece bullets are correct for this model. Each consists of a hollow lead shell with brass casing. They've never been used and have no sulfurous odor. 

Size: Pistol 13½" long. Attaché case 15" x 11½" x 4¾". 

Sold: Sep. 2007

Price Sold: $ 690


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