c.1949 Schuco, Garage 1500 in Original Box

c.1949 Schuco, Garage 1500 in Original Box

This is the "garage only" version of Schuco's Garage 1500. It was not originally sold with a vehicle. This example is in excellent+ to near mint condition and comes complete with original box plus instructions. 

This is an "automated" garage featuring a make-believe black dial telephone on its outside wall. The receiver is solid die cast metal with tin plate body. It has a retractable cord leading into the building. Pull the receiver and a unit attached to the inside ceiling forces both front doors to quickly open simultaneously. A vehicle would be ejected. 

The garage is all tinplate. The windows are lithoed, but the front doors are also embossed. One of them has a brass handle to operate it manually. The realistic roof was arched and corrugated similarly to a real post-war (quickly built) structure. The toy has the Schuco name and toy name on every outer wall. The back panel also includes the word "patent" and "Made in U.S.-Zone Germany". Everything is original to the toy and is complete.

The box shows a different illustration on all four main panel. It's complete with all six original endflaps. The main panels show how to operate the toy with the sleek roadster emerging. They differ only slightly. One with boy, a hand, garage alone, and garage and car alone. Endflaps show just the garage. 

The instruction are double sided. One side has several illustrations with a step by step procedure for operating the toy. The other side advertises it's different sales configurations. 1) Play Garage with Garaged Auto. 2) Play Garage with clockwork racer, Play Garage with push type racer and Play Garage (stand alone). The bottom two paragraph advertise the Ingenico 5311 and Combinato 4003 models. Interestingly the text was written all in German. It's not bilingual. 

Size: 6" x 2½" x 3". 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 167


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