c.1830 Hopewell Furnace Stove, Cast Iron Salesman's Sample

c.1830 Hopewell Furnace Stove, Cast Iron Salesman's Sample

Hopewell Furnace was a community industry built around an iron producing furnace. It was centered in the village of Hopewell located in the woods of southeastern Pennsylvania. Hopewell Furnace manufactured all types of iron goods from 1771 to 1883.  Their most profitable products were cast iron wood and coal burning stoves parts, however they produced many other commonly used items such as kettles, machinery, grates, cannon shot and shells for the Revolutionary War. From its founding until 1844 iron stoves were their major product. Today, the Hopewell Furnace area is a National Historic site.

I recently found this all-cast iron salesman's sample of an actual Hopewell Furnace stove. It's complete with its original legs, grate, and stove compartment. It was not produced with a flue. It's ornately designed with scrollwork, cross-hatching, and embossed raised edges. The Hopewell Furnace name appears in raised letters on both sides. 

The actual stove had individual plates produced Hopewell Furnace. It was then assembled by a separate stove company. It had three latched doors although they're fixed and closed on this salesman's sample. The front door permitted adequate fuel stocking while ashes were easily removed through the side doors. Three actual stove models are shown in photo 2. 

The stove is all original except for the central screw. It's been replaced with an exact replica of the original screw. It's been professionally re-nickel plated and restored to its original green and red recessed coloration. It's the first example I've ever seen.

Size: 6½" x 5½" x  2½". Weight: just over 2lbs. 

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 169


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