1957 Wolverine, #187 Deluxe Green Refrigerator in Original Box

1957 Wolverine, #187 Deluxe Green Refrigerator in Original Box

Extraordinary near mint+ example of Wolverine's classic lithographed steel Deluxe Green Refrigerator. Although a somewhat common toy to locate in used condition, because of its popularity, size, weight, and bulkiness it's unusually difficult to find as unused and in high grade condition and complete with its original box! 

The Deluxe Green Refrigerator was Wolverine's top of the line model for 1957. It featured all solid steel construction, separate latching door compartments for frozen and refrigerated foods, a pull-out vegetable drawer, a built in "lazy-Susan" rotating circular shelf, lithographed interior food doors, and two chrome plated door shelves. 

The model also featured a two-tone dark green base plate (which theoretically covered the compressor), a total of three refrigerator compartment shelves, working black door handles that could latch closed just by shutting the door (like a real fridge), and a slew of make believe food. Somewhere along the line a number of pre-war Schoenhut pieces got mixed in with the Wolverine items. A total of 52 interior items are included comprised of 27 Wolverine pieces (12 steel litho,  3 cardboard, 7 wood, & 7 glass) and 25 pre-war Schoenhut pieces (9 ceramic & 16 wood). Rather than describe them, I've provided detailed photos with everything laid out. 

The box is a simple text printed style on heavy cardboard. The company name, catalog number, toy name, company name and address were included. The original shipping destination, Adrian, MI, was stenciled on the top flaps. 

Size: 17" x 9½" x  6½". Weight: approx. 7lbs

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 323


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