1960 Technofix, No.298 Viaduct Highway in Original Box

1960 Technofix, No.298 Viaduct Highway in Original Box

Wonderful clockwork tin litho "Viaduct Highway" manufactured by the preeminent "toy highway" company, Technofix. Set number 2098 marked "Made in Western Germany". Complete with all three vehicles, original Technofix key, and full color box. 

Set features world recognized logos for the Coca-Cola and Shell Oil. Consists of a basic double figure-8 highway (gray pavement with red curbing) passing through the German countryside. Loaded with details from top to bottom. Each oval of the double figure-8 has a different scene lithoed in the center. This includes boating on a mountainside lake sipping Cokes, an industrial complex with large passenger bus, family tent camping at the riverside with castle in the background, and an immaculate Shell Service Station. The station is located in the country and shows a new, very large, two door auto passing by. A modern train crosses over a arched bridge in the background. 

The perimeter of the toy shows the "contemporary" industrial landscape with everything from a barge clogged river to multi-colored skyscrapers. Obviously the lithography design represents a "get away" highway which leads from the busy job in the city to the relaxing countryside. Two triangular islands leading under the viaduct are lithoed in total greenery. The Technofix logo and patent information was also lithoed onto one of the islands. 

Three sedans, red, blue, and green, make the trip from the city to the country. The lithography is different on each car. The original nickel plated, embossed cast iron key winds all three. 

The toy has two simple highway switches on either side. Just a little push routes your vehicle to the country. Leave it untouched and you'll make your way to the city. Adjacent to the switches are levers which connect to "stops" located on either side of the bridge. A car passing over the lever activates the stop and then releases it. This regulates the vehicles from crowding up on each other. Simple, but yet very clever. 

The box was illustrated with a busy, panel wide drawing of the viaduct in action. No less than seven cars are shown. The Shell station was printed on the upper left corner, while the Coca Cola refreshment stand is in the upper right. A simple schematic and multilingual instructions were printed on the aprons. 

Size: 18" x 14" x 1¾". 

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 315


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