1931 Marx, Liberty Bus

1931 Marx, Liberty Bus

Classic early tin litho friction drive Liberty Bus manufactured by Marx. Deep crimson red and black with striped roof panels and deep blue disk wheels. It was originally sold separately, or as part of several early Marx play sets. I've only found one example of the box for this toy. 

The driver's visor is lithoed "Limited" on the outside. The body, roof, running boards, fenders, and hood were all stamped from a single sheet of tinplate. Three components were separately added; wheels with hubs, front grille assembly, and fold up bus driver silhouette. It's also one of the few bus toys which include lithographed curtains in every window.

The toy features an inertia driven "friction" motor attached to a third axle. The motor is actually a weighted inertia wheel which is geared to the rear axle causing it to rotate for a longer period of time. 

Size: 5".

Sold: May 2009

Price Sold: $ 281


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