c.1955 Nomura, Rock n' Roll Hot Rod in Original Box

c.1955 Nomura, Rock n' Roll Hot Rod in Original Box

Fantastic battery operated tinplate "Rock n'Roll Hot Rod" manufactured by Nomura. Three actions and all of them work beautifully! Toy looks like it was never played with; sparkling near mint condition. Comes complete with original box plus inserts.

Based on the popular street rod craze of the mid-1950's, this vehicle exemplifies the typical stripped down hood less Model-T. Lithoed in brilliant turquoise and yellow with "DREAM BOAT" spelled out on the driver's side door and "Rock n' Roll" on the passenger side. Chrome plated parts include front grille with head lights, windshield frame, wheel hubs and rear bumper. It was not produced with a front bumper. Three dimensional driver's head can turn right or left approximately 345°. On/off switch located underneath driver's door.

Engine features two transparent colorless tubes on either side. Between them is a red and green plastic carburetor. During operation a bolt of electricity is repetitively forced through these tubes (see 3rd photo). This lights up the tubes plus the carburetors. Looks really neat!

The car also has random stop and go movement. The mechanism allows the front wheels to only occasionally touch the surface making it turn in either direction at any time. In addition, a spring activated rod underneath the chassis turns in whichever direction the car is moving. The other end of the rod connects to the driver's head. This allows the hot rod and driver's head to turn in the same direction simultaneously. 

The box cover was drawn with an accurate illustration of the toy. It shows the electronic bolts sparkling from either side of the engine. The only difference with the photo.....the driver can't move his left arm and wave. The cover was also printed with the three actions (features) on all four aprons and the front panel. It has its original box bottom and both thick cardboard circular inserts.

Size: 7" x 4" x 4¼".

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 431


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