1933 King Kong, RKO Movie Premier Flyer

1933 King Kong, RKO Movie Premier Flyer

Extremely rare four page fold-out flyer promoting the premier of King Kong in magnificent near mint+ condition. This is only the second one of these that I've ever found. I have seen two others which were in permanent collections. This example grades, by far, the highest of any of these. 

It's also the only one I've seen where Kong has greenish tint fur. The others were always orange tinted.

These were originally distributed at RKO theaters to the ticket buying audience and were stamped with the name and address of where it was to appear. However there is no such stamp on this example. There are only a few conditions in which this would have been possible and may also explain the high condition of the piece. Maybe it was acquired by someone who worked at a the theater, or possibly the movie studio. But whichever it was the person who originally acquired it had to be behind the scenes for it to go unstamped. Most likely it was immediately squirreled away and kept in pristine condition. It's also possible that it just wasn't stamped, but in either case the condition is still amazing. 

The front cover has full color illustration of Kong on the Empire State Building clutching a thinly clad blonde bombshell. Back cover is blank. Fold it open into a two page spread and you see another full color drawing of the jungle fight between Kong and the Tyrannosaurus Rex along with movie credits. 

Open it again to a four page spread and you'll see six black and white story board illustrations by special effects creator Willis O'Brien. These include Kong's rampage through the native village, his curious ardor with the girl on top of Skull Mountain, swatting fruitlessly at biplanes on top of the observation deck of the Empire State Building, havoc and chaos strewn over the streets of New York City, the overturning of the erstwhile rescuers on their make shift raft by the maddening brontosaur and the death grip of Kong crushing the pterodactyl on top of Skull mountain. Absolutely awesome. 

Size: 4" x 7" folded. Unfolded 15½" long.

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 787


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