1924 Wolverine No.56 Bizzy Andy Trip Hammer in Original Box

1924 Wolverine No.56 Bizzy Andy Trip Hammer in Original Box

Simple, yet elegant tin litho and steel "Bizzy Andy" Trip Hammer manufactured by Wolverine Mfg. Company. Complete with all six original, colored clay marbles plus original box. It's one of many versions.

Wolverine produced some of the most clever mechanical toys ever produced. Sand was used as the primary counter-weight material for most of their early toys. Their second generation of "sand-less" toys began in 1924. Six, one inch diameter, baked clay marbles replaced the sand. It was less messy, but were easily lost. This example is complete with all six of its original marbles; 2 yellow, 2 red, and 2 blue. 

The toy was colorfully lithographed and is really fun to watch. The tallest part of the toy, the red marble chute, was lithoed completely red with a solid green interior. The toy name, company name, and five patent dates with lithoed in high contrast yellow text. Only the front panel was left blank red. A set of upright steel rods and crossbars hold the chute at the exact height and angle needed to make it work. 

The six marbles precisely fill the chute. Each is dropped one by one into the cantilevered hammer head (black open barrel). A thin metal rod called the valve wire, fitted through a slot in the side of the barrel is drawn back as the hammer arm lowers. This automatically releases the marble into the self contained base. The lightened load then raises upward, striking the trip lever in the chute allowing the next marble to drop. 

The two piece multicolored box features a working schematic with a list of directions for assembling the toy. This made a fine, unique cover design plus eliminated the need for a separate instruction sheet. Green, red, yellow, and blue circle shapes cover the box. The toy name and catalog number were printed on every apron.

Size: 8" x 10½" x 3¼". 

Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 245


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