1968 Marx, Chompy the Beetle in Original Box

1968 Marx, Chompy the Beetle in Original Box

There are many variations of this toy and box; and most them are not documented. The mechanical wind-up actions of Chompy, also known as Moon Creature, also known as Insect 7, are all basically the same. The critter moves forward on three rubber lined wheels. Simultaneously the top half of the head, which is hinged in the rear, allows the chomping mouth to move up and down. The eyes google and rubber antennae wiggle. Differences in color and body style including metal antenna were used to transform Chompy into many configurations. 

This particular example has blue wings with yellow polka dots, red and black striped chest, yellow head and hands. It's in near mint condition. 

It's complete with its original illustrated box. Interestingly there's a typo error in the copyright date. It reads MCMLXUI. It should be MCMLXIII. The cover drawing shows an animated Chompy, chomping away in a clover field. The side panels show this variation plus one other.

Size: 6" tall, 2¾" diameter base.

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 147


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