1935 Metalcraft, Beatrice Meadow Gold Butter Truck in Original Box

1935 Metalcraft, Beatrice Meadow Gold Butter Truck in Original Box

One of the many reasons collectors love to collect is when they make that "unexpected find". Such was the case when I first laid eyes on this incredible Metalcraft, Beatrice Meadow Gold Butter truck. It recently surfaced at a small mid-west auction house. The condition is incomparable. Clearly the highest grade truck I've seen for this series.  

Even more staggering was that it still had its original box. These are rarely found for any pressed steel toy. Those that weren't thrown away usually became torn and tattered due to the shifting weight of the contents. Many have been restored or repaired, but not this time. This box is without question one of the most spectacular examples of any mid-1930's pressed steel toy vehicle box I've seen. It is nearly flawless, all original, and complete without any repairs. 

At this point it's crucial to mention that NOTHING, absolutely nothing, on this truck has been repainted or repaired. You are looking at 100% original factory applied paint. From top to bottom, side to side, everything including the logo's are original. No repairs and complete with all original parts including the flat style head lamps, which work beautifully.

Metalcraft began their "name brand" truck series in 1931. It was their most successful product line and lasted until the company's WWII demise. During those manufacturing years the company made modifications which improved their design. 

Even without considering the outstanding condition of the toy, the Beatrice, Meadow Gold Butter van truck is one of Metalcraft's more difficult vehicles to find. It features a gorgeous solid, deep yellow art deco streamlined body, heavy gauge steel, axes mounted through the chassis, Goodrich Silvertown embossed solid rubber tires with metal hubs, an embossed and chrome plated "V" type single piece radiator grill with recessed, oversized head lamps, separate right and left chrome bumpers, and battery operated head lamps with an on/off lever spring clip mounted underneath the hood. 

The box is exceedingly simple, yet elegant. All four panels have the same thing printed on them;  the words "Meadow Gold Truck" centered inside a framed perimeter printed a shade of brown similar to that used on the van logo. This appears on all four panels. The company name and address are noticeably absent. The endflaps are blank. 

Size: 13¼" x 3½" x 5". 

Sold: May 2006

Price Sold: $ 3801


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