c.1928 Rogelio Sanchis, Mickey Mouse (Unlicensed) Tinplate Doll Stroller

c.1928 Rogelio Sanchis, Mickey Mouse (Unlicensed) Tinplate Doll Stroller

The history behind this very weird and unusual toy featuring a rat-like Mickey Mouse toy was completely unknown until the mid-1990’s. It was manufactured by Rogelio Sanchiz, or better known as Sanchez. Prior to his start-up he was a fruit packer and had no experience producing tin toys. He called his company La Isla or The Island.

He produced strictly tin toys, mostly character related, that were not exported into the U.S.  Nearly all were unlicensed and produced in very low quantities making them some of the rarest Disney and Hollywood character toys ever produced. Among these include Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse smoking cigarettes and Minnie the Mouse pushing Felix in a pram (baby carriage).

Sanchis ceased production in 1936 when he volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War (on the Franco side) and was killed shortly after it began.

The stroller is a 3-dimensional chair on wheels and can fold completely flat (although I wouldn’t recommend it). It’s all tinplate and features a very “different” type of Mickey Mouse on the front of the seat-back. Looking more like a rat with bat ears it shows Mickey looking to the right, left hand on hip, right arm raised, with right gloved index finger pointing down. The meaning behind the gesture is unknown. And of course it’s unlicensed.

Mickey is shown standing on a country road with a small house in the back ground. The image is contained inside a circle surrounded by cross weaving. The woven lithography was lithoed in orange, blue and yellow and resembles a cane rush cross-weave.  

The seat was lithoed in an identical pattern of orange, green, and yellow woven cane rush. The center has a small diamond shape with a biplane in the center. The initials RSA (Rogelio Sanchis) are below the plane, while the letters “1B1” above. I was unable to define the meaning behind the 1B1. The reverse side of the seat and back are a solid yellow color.

The arms, legs, and cross supports are made of black painted tin plate strips that are hinged. The maroon footrest was embossed with a raised diamond pattern. The wheels have eight double-cross spokes and are painted yellow. The handle is an unfinished steal rod.

The arms, legs, cross supports and foot rest have been repainted. However the lithography on the seat and back (both front and underneath) are all original. The yellow paint on the wheels is also original. All parts of the toy are original.

Size: 10¼” tall. Base 6” x 4¾”. 

Many thanks to the authors of the article I found on the Toy Collector’s Magazine website. It was the only information I could find about La Isla. Here’s the link to the full article.

Price Sold: $ 1000


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