c.1923 Strauss, #28 Mechanical Speed-Boat (2) in Original Box

c.1923 Strauss, #28 Mechanical Speed-Boat (2) in Original Box

Brilliant mechanical tin litho Speed Boat #28 manufactured by Strauss. Wedge shaped water speeder features separate driver and bowed embossed deck. Comes complete with phenomenal original box!

Beautifully lithoed in bright orange ("planking"), green and yellow with blue uniformed driver. "Speed Boat" lithoed on both sides. Triple gear spring wind-up motor features two rear power wheels and a single wheel in front. The front wheel is tilted to make a large circle while moving. Key is attached. Strauss juggling clown logo located just behind the driver. Works great!

Wonderfully illustrated box features three different detailed drawings printed in orange, blue, bown, and white. It shows the speeder,careening past an enthusiastic on shore crowd. The "Speed-Boat" logo appears above the drawing . It's slanted slightly with trailing speed lines to give it the illusion of fast movement. The side panels show the boat moving slowly over the water. Giant fish are shown in the foreground above the surface of the water. A tramp steamer and biplane loom off in the distance. This is one of the few toys that also has an illustration on the endflaps. It shows two ships welcome the conquering Speed-Boat hero who waves to them from below. 

Size: 9". 

Sold: Jul. 2006

Price Sold: $ 523


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