1952 Wyandotte, No.1502M Semi-Trailer Van Truck in Original Box

1952 Wyandotte, No.1502M Semi-Trailer Van Truck in Original Box

Outstanding heavy gauge pressed steel cab over engine style Semi-Trailer Van Truck by Wyandotte. Complete with original box. Huge truck nearly two feet long! Solid excellent+ condition. Most likely never played with. The few condition issues were probably created by sliding it into and out of the box.

Massive truck features inserted lithographed grille and headlight assembly protected by a solid steel front bumper. "Wyandotte Construction" lithoed on both doors. Cab is separable from trailer. The connecting hitch, pivots to accommodate "bumpy roads". Enormous trailer with embossed side molding and embossed rear wheel fenders.

Includes a manual fold-down trailer-rest lever so it remains level when detached from cab. "Wyandotte Truck Lines" lithoed on separated tabbed metal plate on both trailer sides. Rear drop down door with bolted spare tire in the center pulls down to become loading ramp. Includes six solid rubber tires with parallel treads and red wooden hub centers. Trailer front slanted forward slightly crowned with three red jewel reflectors at the top. Trailer rear also includes two more red reflectors set into chrome holders; one on each top corner. 

Plain box includes stenciled catalog number, truck title, and manufacturer name and address. Original shipping label on open endflap. Opposite endflaps are still factory sealed. 

It's interesting to note that THE reference for Wyandotte Toys, written by Guild, Willyard and Konow lists only No.1502. The truck was identical except that the cab was plastic. This all pressed steel version was not referenced. Apparently it was another version of the same model; (i.e., the "M" used in its catalog number No.1502M indicates that it's the all metal version. 

Size: 23" x 6" x 8". Weight nearly 8 pounds. 

Sold: Sep. 2006

Price Sold: $ 374


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