1936 Marx (UK), Clockwork Reversible Coupe

1936 Marx (UK), Clockwork Reversible Coupe

This is the U.K.'s version of the Marx Reversible Coupe. Similar to its U.S. counterpart it uses wide front and rear steel ribbon bumpers to absorb an impact. Each time a bumper makes contact the direction that it was traveling, forward or reverse, will change direction. The U.S. version was more streamlined, lower to the ground, three inches longer and had a bright cherry red body. The only similarity are the bumpers and the toys' actions.

This coupe is the last of three pressed steel clockwork vehicles I recently found. Although produced in different countries, by two different companies, each was structurally identical. Yet the action of all three are different. The other two autos are the Marx U.K. "U-Drive-It Car" and the Wolverine U.S. "The Mystery Car". Unlike most Made in USA Marx toys their U.K. version were  not marked with the manufacturer's logo making identification difficult. 

The car is pale yellow with black trimmed details. The underside is brass plated and it has an art deco type "V" shaped chromed front grille and headlight assembly. The wheels are two compressed steel disks. The front bumper has its original rubber guard. Running boards and fenders are tabbed separately to the body. However the rear luggage rack is part of the body. It has a rear trunk embossed spare tire. The separate key is old, but since this is the first time I've found this toy, I don't know if its original to the car. There is no box and it works great!

Size: 13". 

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 188


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