1967 Hasbro, Frosty Sno-Cone Machine in Original Box

1967 Hasbro, Frosty Sno-Cone Machine in Original Box

After many years of searching I finally found a complete unused example of the first Hasbro, Frosty Sno-Cone Machine from 1967 in its original full color box. This is the only version which included Frosty's pipe which was removed from the set shortly after production began. I purchased it from the original owner.

The toy is complete right down to the original blue and white raised inserts. Here's the list. 

  • Frosty machine with rotating ice shaver, shaving crank, sno-man hat with ice cube chute, and ice tray. 
  • Frosty's original black plastic pipe 
  • Red flavor bottle with red nozzle 
  • Yellow flavor bottle with red nozzle 
  • Snow shovel 
  • Flavor funnel 
  • Complete set of 10 paper cones 
  • Complete set of 10 different flavor bags. There are two groups of five colored flavor bags. The bags are still attached to one another without any tears or leaks. No flavor is duplicated.  
  • Original Sno-cone machine instructions 
  • Original two-part mail in card to join the Children's Book of the Month Club. It shows the cover of the first book, Lassie Come Home.  
  • Blue cardboard insert platform (which Frosty rests on). Raised white cardboard insert which holds flavors, cups, funnel, etc. And three sided cardboard insert separating the blue and white platforms. 
  • Original box cover with full color illustration of Frosty spilling ice from his chest surrounded by flavor cones. And complete box bottom.  

Size: Box 16" x 8½" x 5½". Frosty 9½".

Sold: Mar. 2007

Price Sold: $ 305


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