c.1963 Toplay (TPS), Crown Jalopy Cycle in Original Box

c.1963 Toplay (TPS), Crown Jalopy Cycle in Original Box

Superb near mint example of scarce tin litho friction drive toy. Includes original box with rare variation in which Clown was misspelled as Crown. I doubt that type of error would ever be seen on a contemporary toy.

Fantastic multiple action; anything striking the front fender releases a spring mechanism which causes toy to angle up and split in half at the center. Clown's head bob's up and down continuously as toy moves, but it tends to extend slightly further when cycle mechanism is activated. Shown higher in the photo. Both cycle wheels are dummies. 

Beautifully lithographed in brilliant multicolored designs. Cycle is shown held together with tape and band-aids. Features terrific googly faced clown with wide grinning mouth giving it a slightly evil overtone.  

Awesome box shows full panel cartoon drawing of the cycle in action as it strikes a post splitting it in half and the clown flying off the seat. As difficult as this toy is to find, especially with its original box, the CROWN box is a super scarce variation. Apparently the misspelling was corrected early in the toys manufacture. Side aprons schematically show head popping and cycle breaking apart. Crown is misspelled also on both side aprons. 

Size: 8¾" x 6½". 

Sold: Nov. 2006

Price Sold: $ 460


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