1931 Marx, The Road Roller in Original Box

1931 Marx, The Road Roller in Original Box

Spectacular clockwork tin litho "steam roller" complete with original stand-up driver and with its original box. Construction toys from this early Depression era were not popular and so today are extremely difficult to find. This example lithoed in blood red and offset with jet black details is the exception. It's all original, including the driver, and works beautifully.

As the name indicates this is "The Road Roller". Marx produced a nearly identical toy called "The Automatic Reversing Road Roller". The toys are nearly identical except the reversing road roller automatically reverses its direction. In contrast "The Road Roller" moves in one direction only...forward. And it works great!

The toy features a double sided tin litho driver, corrugated roof with upright supports, embossed wide roller wheel, and embossed large rear wheels. A smaller 6" version without driver and roof was also manufactured by Marx.

The scarce box has a full panel, two color illustration showing the road crew at work. Two road rollers move down the newly dug country road. A third worker, shovel in hand, ended up with the grunt work. I especially like the cap styles! It was repeated again on the back panel. The side panels include the name of the toy. End flaps feature the all-encompassing Marx slogan  with tuck-in oval end flaps. 

Size: 8½" long, 6" tall and 4" wide. 

Sold: Feb. 2007

Price Sold: $ 810


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