c.1955 Linemar, Donald Duck Dump Truck in Original Box

c.1955 Linemar, Donald Duck Dump Truck in Original Box

Unusual tin litho friction drive truck with manually operating dumping lever. Loaded with Disney character lithography. Scarce toy, it comes complete with its original illustrated box. This is the first example of this toy I've seen.

The truck has a red cab with split front windshield, embossed headlights and grill. "D.D." is marked on both doors and "Disneyland" is marked across the top of the grille. The silver wrap around front bumper is marked "5500" on the license plate ( which is the original Linemar catalog number). The trailer section is a dark teal color and embossed on the underside of the chassis. It has a rear license plate which is also marked "5500". 

The dumping bed raises and lowers and is all pale yellow. The sides and tailgate are embossed. The tailgate also swings open and close.

  • A large image of Mickey Mouse is lithographed on the floor of the dump bed.
  • Around the inside of the dump bed walls are various Disney characters including Mr. Toad, one of the 3 Little Pigs, Daisy Duck, and two of the mice from Cinderella.
  • A large portrait of Donald Duck was lithographed on the bed outer sides making it appear that his head was pushed through. "Donald Duck" and "Dump Truck" are lithoed on either side of his head.
  • The front of the dump bed has a large lithoed head of Pluto along side his name.
  • The back of the tailgate is marked "Disneyland Dumping Service". 

The truck has six solid rubber tires. Two in front and two tandems in the rear. The hub plates are polished tin. 

The front of the box features an accurate panel wide, detailed color illustration of the truck from a ¾ perspective view. It's an unusually high quality drawing. This is repeated on the opposite side. The remaining two panels include a schematic showing the operation of the dump lever with a two step list of instructions for raising the bed. The endflaps are marked "Friction Donald Duck Dump Truck with Operating Lever".

Size: 5" long, 2" wide.

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 494


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