1948 Marx, Heavy Gauge Steel Tractor in Original Box

1948 Marx, Heavy Gauge Steel Tractor in Original Box

Magnificent heavy duty pressed steel pull-type tractor by Marx. Body, hood, and seat were enamel painted. Incredible toy, never played with, complete with superb original box, insert, and driver's original paper bag container. 

Features 2-piece pressed tread tin litho disk wheels, elaborate tin litho engine details, tin litho driver, chrome plated round ribbed steel radiator, steel steering wheel, and real tractor-type seat with hitch extension. Original clicker gear on the underside makes a loud grating noise when it moves.

Awesome toy produced for only two or three years. The following three years from 1951-54 the front was fitted an attached V-shaped plow. It's also one of the very few toys that was not embossed with a Marx logo. If found without the driver and box it would be very difficult to identify.

The original box is an enigma. It's the type produced by Marx during the mid-1930's. It's two parts with a sliding sleeve and hinged lid. The logo style on the box was also formally discontinued in 1939, yet here it appears once more. It's possible that the toy was produced earlier. Maybe the late 1930's and early 40's, but production was halted when the availability of steel was interrupted for the war. This would explain it's scarcity even after the war. The driver style was produced from the early 1930's through the late 1950's. I purchased it from the original owner. It's only the second example I've seen.

Size: 10½" long, 5½" tall. 7½" at its widest point. Rear wheels 5¼" diameter, Front wheels 2¾". Weight: Just over 2 pounds.

Sold: Mar. 2005

Price Sold: $ 283


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