1954 Marx, Subway Express with Plastic Tunnel in Original Box

1954 Marx, Subway Express with Plastic Tunnel in Original Box

Another variation of Marx's successfully long-running tin litho Honeymoon Express circle toys was this Subway Express. It's the only version which included a transparent plastic tube that completely encases the #6 Great Northern train. The toy comes complete with its colorfully illustrated original box.

A simple toy, but beautifully lithographed. The central building reads 42nd Street on one side and 52nd street on the other. It houses the attached mechanical key-wind. Silhouettes of customers in a drug store and barber shop are also shown. The toy's stop/start lever is attached to one of the corners. Unlike many of the later circle toys produced by Marx during the 1950's and 60's this one has a solid metal plate enclosing the underside of the base. The company was switching to cardboard for many of these toys.

The center of the toy represents an open cityscape. Around the perimeter are the city skylines. A bus and car are stopped at a railroad crossing. Another image shows a Town & Country Chrysler station wagon parked near a waterfront dock. The scenes imply that passengers can easily take the subway to a quiet get-away.

The original box was designed using bold, solid colors with lots of contrast to attract customers. It shows the subway stopped at the 43rd Street station. Passengers hurry along. Newsboys sell their papers, and the conductor checks his pocketwatch. All "normal" stuff. 

It's interesting to note that this was one of Marx's poorest selling circle toys. Probably because many versions had been around for nearly 30 years, or maybe the unusual clear plastic tube put them off.

Size: 9" diameter. 

Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 355


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