1927 Marx, Pinched in Original Box

1927 Marx, Pinched in Original Box

Magnificent early Marx mechanical tin litho "circular" toy in excellent+ to near mint and working beautifully. Far superior condition to any I've seen before. All parts are original. Nothing has been replaced or repainted. Even more astonishing this example comes complete with its original box in which has been professionally restored. Over 11 years and it's the first box for this toy I've found.

The toy sold for 98¢ and was originally available for only several months through the Sears Fall/Winter catalog. It's been one of the company's most difficult toys to find thereafter. Its low production was most likely due to the complexity of the toy. It's not your "basic" circular toy. The vehicle speeds through four obstacles including a brick tunnel, a police station, and two pedestrian crossover's with a man and woman figure on each. A drug store/news stand building lies in the center. There are two policeman, one on a spring activated motorcycle and the other is stationary with a rotating stop/go sign. 

The motorcycle cop is pulled back to its starting position which releases the vehicle. As it passes the traffic cop the stop/go sign turns slightly. Regardless of it being in the Stop, Go, or in-between position the vehicle will pass him by. However, if it passes the signal in the full Stop position the motorcycle cop is released. It shoots across the surface and stops. In this position a rod attached to the underside of the motorcycle cop will automatically prevent the vehicle from passing. He's now nabbed, or "pinched" by the cop. 

The box illustrations beautifully characterize the actions of the toy. It shows the vehicle speeding past the traffic signal cop along a country road. The unlucky driver is pulled over by an angry motorcycle cop. The driver very closely resembles a young Louis Marx. The side panels show a judge pronouncing sentence on the unfortunate driver. The jury, consisting of all bald men, look on. A prisoner wearing the stereotyped black and white striped uniform watches the proceeding through a barred window. The instructions are printed on the reverse.

Size: 9¾" square and 3" tall. Box 10¼" square and 3¼" tall.

Sold: Jul. 2005

Price Sold: $ 1026


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