c.1950 Banner, Jewel Tea Co., Inc. Delivery Truck

c.1950 Banner, Jewel Tea Co., Inc. Delivery Truck

Outstanding heavy duty, baked enamel steel delivery truck available only as a toy premium through the Jewel Tea Company. Rugged steel construction includes company advertising on both side panels, and overhead cab. Authentic company logo located on the front grille and below both "smoker" windows. Note that the lithoed side panels, front grille, and company name above the cab were all lithoed on separate steel sheets and tabbed into position (not lithoed directly onto the truck body which is very unusual).

Solid rubber tires with molded treads and chrome plated metal hubs. Note that they're held onto the axles with hex nuts. Dual rear opening doors which latch from the inside using the exterior handle. Right side delivery door slides open and close. Full gauge dashboard with lithoed details. 

The quality of this toy goes far beyond that typically found for most Banner vehicles (and most other toy trucks of its size). Most likely because it was built to represent an actual working company and was distributed only within that company. This probably accounts for the difficulty in finding this toy. It's one of the three scarcest toys manufactured by Banner. 

Size: 9¼" x 4" x 5". Weighs a hefty 2 pounds.

Sold: Sep. 2005

Price Sold: $ 163


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