1957 Marx, Electric Rider-Er Convertible, Factory Sealed in Original Box

1957 Marx, Electric Rider-Er Convertible, Factory Sealed in Original Box

Amazing! After nearly 50 years this beautifully lithographed Marx, Electric Powered Ride-Er Convertible is still sealed in the original box. Fresh to the market it was only recently discovered as old store stock from the Crown 5¢ and 10¢ store in Millersburg, Pennsylvania. It's still sealed all the way around and has its original Louis Marx and Co. shipping label on one end.

Inside the box is a 3 foot long, electric battery powered, lithographed tin, riding convertible automobile. Resembling several cars of the time it was promoted as a way for toddlers to "learn how to drive safely". 

This was not a pedal car, but a vehicle that moved under its own power. It was actually operated by a manual stick shift lever which allowed the child to stop and start on their own. It features an aluminum windshield frame, rubber bumpers, aluminum foot rests, cherry red plastic steering wheel, and solid rubber tires. The stick shift is solid aluminum. It also includes its original (and unbelievable) set of large color instructions with actual photographs of slicked down hair kids, patent leather shoes and all, making "K-turns" and parallel parking!

The Marx Company was clever, in that, because of the additional weight, safety issues, possible damage, etc., the huge battery needed to power this bruiser was originally sold separately. In terms of today's collector this eliminates the possibility of battery leakage. 

Although Marx produced several electric powered steel and plastic vehicles this was the only riding model which was fabricated completely from lithographed tin. The problems faced by such a large, fragile, and expensive toy ($19.95 original price) limited its sales and production to less than one year.  

Over 10 years of looking for this toy, I've found only one other high grade, mint in box example. In this previous case the box was opened, but it was complete and unused. That was three years ago. I've included a photograph of that toy. This is the first time I've found one still sealed in the box.  

Size:33" x 15" x 7".  Weight: 18 pounds.

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 788


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