1956 Marx The Falcon Friction Powered Sports Car (Red) in Original Box

1956 Marx The Falcon Friction Powered Sports Car (Red) in Original Box

It's not often that I find a toy of such beauty, style, quality, and most important scarcity, where the word "Gem" is appropriate. But that's exactly what this is. You're looking at a 20" long steel litho futuristic Falcon Sports Car manufactured by Marx. Produced for only one year it's unequaled to anything I've found before.  

This car was actual shelved store stock and only recently removed from a 5¢ and 10¢ retail store in Pennsylvania for the first time. It's condition is unparalleled. Flawless factory mint condition. This must have been how it looked when it first came out of the plant.  

As pristine as this car is, it has an even more extraordinary characteristic. It's complete with its original box in excellent condition. After 30+ years of collecting, buying, and selling, this is the first box I've seen for this toy in any condition (as of 2005). 

If you consider the nearly four pound weight of the car, the flimsiness of the cardboard used for the box, and its limited production, it doesn't take long to figure out why the box is nearly extinct. Printed in four colors the two main box panels feature a 14" illustration of the Falcon. A leisurely dressed driver speeds by his golf Club. The Pro Center with the American flag waving above can be seen way off in the distance to the right. In the immediate center are are two golfers finishing up a hole. Curiously, adjacent to the golf club is a driveway running off into the distance. At the head of the driveway is a mailbox with a letter inside.

The two narrower box panels show a side view of the Falcon without the driver. Several spacious homes can be seen in the back ground. The endflaps have a fantastic "head-on" portrait illustration of the car.

The car itself has a low slung, stretched front hood "speedster" design. Aspects of combining a Jaguar XKE, a Studebaker Golden Hawk and a Packard Caribbean are apparent. The lithography is sleek and directed towards speed. Rockets and missile-looking parking lights, side molding, side-view mirrors and even the rear taillights were all conceived in an arrow-like style pointing straight back! The large, clear styrene plastic wrap around windshield is textured on top to resemble the popular canvas "rag-tops" of the time. 

The undercarriage is solid plate painted silver. The edges are rolled together with those of the upper body to eliminate sharpness. The four black, solid rubber tires are 2½" in diameter and treaded around the rims. The rear pair connect to the internal friction motor which generates a loud "RRRRRR" sound as they move. 

Size: 20" x 8½".

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 2278


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